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In Chinese medicine, it is referred to as the “the soles of the feet is the second health warehouse” because the channel of the body is gathered in the foot. We do not notice usually, but toxins accumulate easily in the foot. To care the soles of the feet is equal to care a whole body.

They feel their feet are less tired, stiff neck becomes easier, and some people are also feeling good in the morning when they are awakening. Such effects appear that it can be easily drained with sweat from the body by using this sheet to the soles of the feet.

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The main symptom that appears in the liquid is poisoned. It is usually not so easy to think of the body fluid being poisoned, but there are many symptoms caused by accumulation of fluid in the body. When substances accumulate in the body, for example get uric acid, swelling, stiff neck, etc. The body may be better to emit excess material from the body. It should be separated the waste from the human body.

Treatment … Acupuncture + moxibution + Sap patch for feet. (Japanese wood-vinegar or bamboo vinegar patch) jan 2015 020 (640x478)

There are 2 kinds of woods vinegar.

• Mokusaku … Wood vinegar

• Chikusaku … Bamboo vinegar

Our environment is more toxic today than ever before.

Toxic accumulation in the body puts pressure on vital organs, and can lead to many degenerative conditions. Detoxification is a natural and important part of a healthy body, but in our modern world, we are exposed to more toxins than our body can eliminate on its own naturally. Bamboo vinegar has long been used in Asian and now Japanese scientists have proven that it has the ability to draw out harmful toxins.

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